About Us

The business covers the electrical work from the beginning to the end on a property development, whether it is commercial or residential, single story, multi story or a multiple dwelling.

With a fully staffed office that assists in the planning of your electrical work, from the fittings to the power connection.  Jd elec will liaise with SAPN to ensure connectivity, once provided with the required details from clients to request a new power supply. Our products and workmanship are of a high standard and comply with SAPN and the Office of technical Regulator mandatory requirements.

An Electrical Certificate of Compliance is provided on completion of all work.

In 2005 Jd Trenching the company was implemented to further compliment and support the services that Jd elec was offering to its clients. Jd trenching currently operates with various machines, licensed operators and with a competent team creating quality workmanship.

Jd Trenching  has teams with the equipment to complete the undergrounds required to lay the initial electrical conduits and cables.  Each project is researched with the dial before your dig services to endeavour to avoid any complications and site works approval is always sought from the appropriate council.

Jd elec and Jd Trenching strive to be price competitive whilst offering a quality, friendly and professional service.